Charming apartments for your holiday in Trapani

Il rifugio del pirata

Charming apartments for your holiday in Trapani

Our apartments, perfect for who's looking for a I nostri appartamenti, ideali per chi cerca la soluzione holiday house solution for a stay in Trapani for short or long dates (from few days to some weeksobtained from the renovationof a historic building ,located in inner cityheart of the very western city among Sicilian cities.

The apartments are located in the second floor and are easily accessible thanks to an internal (wide, lighted and.Each apartment is equipped of a big kitchen furnished, , fridge, flames and microvawe. Bed area is next to private toilet, shower .If requested, guests will be provided of a little bedroom.

All apartments are equipped of windows and seaview balconies.In some cases seaview is (from balconies overlooking via Serisso.

Services included in the fee:

  • Furnishment with preciuos interiors
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Private toilet with shower
  • Accessory set for toilet/bedroom
  • 32 inches lcd TV
  • Indipendent access 24/7
  • Free parking, on payment available in the area (few meters far from the apartments)

Pirate Serisso,a Trapanese Corsair story

Entrying from via Serisso, from the port side, 100 meters far from our apartments, still today you can see, looking at the marble sculpture that represents pirate young wife's head, cut by the pirate and brought back in mother country when the pirate himself was going to Tunis. It's been Serisso, in his memories, that wanted to show publically the that grim moment, requesting the marble sculpture.

About the incredible story of Pirate Serisso, there are two versions equally spread all over. The first one says that the rich Trapanese corsair got the French woman's name, Serisse, because of their wedding. The woman, while her husband was out of town, she was in love with an Saracen slave, she escaped with him far from Trapani, to the slave's land. But when Serisso was back in Trapani, he didn't found anybody and has been blinded by the anger, the pirate began hunting the runaways. The story does not explain when the Pirate has found the runaways, we just know that they've been found, the Pirate killed the Saracen slave first, then, he cut his unfaithful wife's head, then he was back to Trapani with the Saracen slave's widow and his wife's head in a basket. Arrived in Trapani he stook his wife's headin front of his house, near by Porta Ossuna (from where you can arrive today to via Serisso.

The second version of the story tells a different one but the ending doesn't change at all. Felice Aiuto, known by everyone as Serisso, was not a pirate but a trader. He was trading Saracen slaves and with gains he redeemed Christian slaves captured by Saracens and brought to Turkey. A Saracen slave suddenly kidnapped Serisso's wife and escaped. Serisso began hunting them, but misfortune brought him in an assault by a corsair ship, he's been taken and went to Tunis in chains, once he arrived in Tunis he's been found and recognised by his wife and the kidnapper that called, Serisso, Alì. A day, finally he succeded with his intentions, stab the kidnapper and cut his wife's head with a saber, also escaping through the sea with a bag. Finally back in Trapani took his wife's head from the bag and showed it in the blunder of his house, as unfaithful wives rebuke .

Rumors say that he lived his days after quietly and religiously, wanted that after his death, his house, where he lived with his wife might be turned into a church. Considering that his wife's head was putrified he wanted to substitute is with a marble copy of it, a copy that is still today at the corner betwenn the port and the pirate's name avenue.


Pirate Serisso's story inspired the production of a drama, below you'll find a sneak peak of it ’: